DANCE FOR ALL     Swindon Dance Class

The emotional benefits of dancing have been likened to 'the runners high', releasing endorphins to reduce stress and pain, as well as being the most fun way I know to get active!

I have danced all my life, I have taught for more than a decade, and I am thrilled to be able to share my passion by offering a weekly dance class in Swindon.  The class is for anyone OVER THE AGE OF 16, and can be enjoyed by complete beginners through to the more experienced.  The dance style will be a hybrid of all urban styles, from street, to hip hop, house, dancehall, commercial and much more.  There is nothing to fear, no technical pressure, just fun, feel good choreo that is accessible for all.

Fitness should help a woman fall in love with her body and appreciate how it feels to move and experience all it is capable of.  What better way to do it than with a group of friends to great music!

Classes are held on Wednesdays, 7-8pm, at Abbey Park School (previously known as Isambard Community School), Redhouse Way, Redhouse, Swindon, SN25 2ND. Classes cost £5 and this should be paid in cash at the door.  With 200 spaces available, there is plenty of room, but please RESERVE YOUR SPACE BELOW....


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Kelly Terranova
Hailing from the UK, Kelly Terranova is a BIMGAP Ambassador and the creator of the 'LYL Wellness Journal' which empowers women around the world. Through Love Yourself Lean, Kelly shares valuable resources that help pave the way to a healthy, happy and balanced life.