The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Tidying up. Not my forte! For years I have longed for an Instagram worthy home. I swoon over the most gorgeous homes on Instagram and always wonder ‘Where do they keep the dishcloth?’ ‘Where is the shampoo kept’ and generally ‘Where is all their stuff?!’

I like to try and justify my untidiness with the fact I am creative but in reality I am just disorgansied at home. I don’t know why. I run 3 businesses and manage to organise staff, 350 dance students and manage working hours around helping the family out, but ask me to keep my wardrobe tidy and I just can’t do it…. that was until I was introduced to ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ or ‘Kon Mari’ for short.


A friend of mine recommended this book to me last year and claimed it had changed her life. She’s a full time teacher and has a 1 year old. If she could nail it, so could I! I was inspired.

I ordered the book instantly and within 24 hours it arrived. I was beyond excited.


In short, the book works on the concept that we often fail at tidying up because we tidy by room rather than by category. She says that we should look to tidy ‘once and for all’ over a period of around 6 months by sorting clothes, then kitchen items, books and dvds and so on and so forth. By giving everything a ‘home’ we make it easier for us to keep things organsied.

However, that was not the best part of the book for me. I got the concept, but at that point, I still had the ‘cba’ attitude to sorting it all.

The turning point when when she began to talk about ‘joy’. The Kon Mari method says that you must only ever keep items that ‘spark joy’ within you. What a lovely idea?


So often when we have a clear out we focus on what we should get rid of. However, Kon Mari asks you to focus on what you want to keep. What items bring you joy?

Sorting my wardrobe was the most significant thing for me. Previously it would go something like this.

(picks up old vest)

‘I best keep that you can never have enough vests’

(picks up baggy jumper)

‘This is good for chilling and if I ever need to paint I’ll have an old jumper’

(picks up jeans that have been too small for 4 years)

‘I’ll keep these for when I lose weight. I’ll just put them on the top shelf as motivation

(Picks up gorgeous embellished jumper that I bought on pay day)

‘I’m never going to wear that. I’ll get rid’

How many of us clearout with this mindset? We are starting to learn that the way we view our body has a huge effect on our mindset, but how many of us transfer that to the way we dress?

To me, part of embracing your body means dressing in clothes that ‘spark joy’ within you, no matter what your plans for the day are.

I got rid of 3 black bags worth of clothes and I have never missed a single item.

I feel like this is the closing thought for so many of my posts but I can’t stress it enough. Be you! Wear the dress. Buy the shoes. Spark Joy! Your body is beautiful so dress to impress. Show off how beautiful you are 🙂 even if it is for the food shopping!

I highly recommend this book, it is porn for those who have already nailed ‘tidying up’ and for those of you like me, this approach could be the creative approach you’ve been missing.



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