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Learn Meditation

So many of you have expressed an interest in learning to meditate, and as you know, I tend not to advocate the use of apps. I like the […]

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Celebrating spirituality and experiencing a healthy life in all it’s glory

So yesterday was my first scheduled live feed on Facebook, and I was absolutely buzzing afterwards. It doesn’t matter how much I do any of the jobs I […]

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Work . Life . Balance

What is it about a Monday that gives us a fresh pair of wings? It’s a bit like new year I guess. A new beginning with it being […]

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Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of seeing a documentary that is changing lives all over the world, ‘Embrace’. I first heard of this film via Facebook when […]

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Misconceptions and Perceptions

I have felt compelled for a while to write something about the ‘misconceptions and perceptions’ around what it is to be happy and healthy. Less than a year […]

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The LYL Fitness Programme is Landing

If you’ve been following LYL for a while now, you will know all about the upcoming fitness programme being released with @that.fitness.guy. Chris is my brother in law […]

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The Month That Changed My Life Forever

To even begin to put the last month in writing is a task, because in reality, the last month is 13 years coming to a point at which […]

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Kate’s Journey To The #selfloveclub

Anyone seen my marbles? We’ve all been dumped haven’t we? But 3 days after Christmas Day and over the phone was pretty harsh! I thought I was just […]

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Ruth’s Journey to the #selfloveclub

‘My journey to wellness and self love’ – that’s my tag line for my IG account and from day 1 that’s what it was all about. Except honestly, […]

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How to ‘Self Love’ with a 100 mile an hour schedule’

Mastering our health is everywhere we look nowadays. Most of us are on a quest to find something that we enjoy that will enable us to be happy […]

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Kelly Terranova
Hailing from the UK, Kelly Terranova is a BIMGAP Ambassador and the creator of the 'LYL Wellness Journal' which empowers women around the world. Through Love Yourself Lean, Kelly shares valuable resources that help pave the way to a healthy, happy and balanced life.