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How I fell in love with the best person so far...myself

That little place called 'Rock Bottom'

I began my career as a dance teacher in the fitness and leisure industry. During this time I trained to be a primary school teacher and was teaching over 350 children and adults per week. I got married, got divorced, watched as my mothers illness Huntington’s disease progressed, tried to come to terms with being at 50% risk of inheriting the disease aka ‘The Armageddon’ of illnesses and endured a series of very painful experiences surrounding relationships. My whole life was surrounded by goal chasing, achieving great things and being the perfect person… However I still wasn’t happy. Not deep deep down. So many things left me feeling rejected and I couldn’t understand why. I soon found myself at what I call ‘rock bottom’. It was whilst discussing said ‘rock bottom’ with a dear friend and spiritualist, I was opened up to the idea that all the fall backs in my life were potentially due to feeling ‘unworthy’, or ‘less of a woman’ for being at risk of this illness. I had pressured myself into being perfect in every aspect of my life so people would love me the same as everyone else, and I had forgotten to love the most important person; myself. The realisation that this could be true was a pretty bitter pill to swallow. 

Making Ordinary Extraordinary

It was mainly through meditation that I found myself again, and once I had found the confidence to trust that only I knew what would make me happy, I started applying that concept to all areas of my health and very quickly got back to the old me, the Kelly I was before adulthood had it’s way with me! I learned to see the bright side of life again, and to take things more in my stride, finding humour in the mundane, and gratitude in the ordinary. These things are actually pretty cool if you just take a minute to enjoy them instead of always wondering what ‘more’ there is to life. We use that word far too much, and it just sets us up to be eternally unhappy in my personal opinion. Life is still hard at times, of course, as it is with anybody. I have now been really lucky to test negative for HD, and my Mum still fights on with it every day. She’s a trooper. If this journal can teach you anything, it will help you to do what I did, and find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and that’s really all we ever need (and sometimes without even realising it, want).

A journal was born... →

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Kelly Terranova
Hailing from the UK, Kelly Terranova is a BIMGAP Ambassador and the creator of the 'LYL Wellness Journal' which empowers women around the world. Through Love Yourself Lean, Kelly shares valuable resources that help pave the way to a healthy, happy and balanced life.